Lance Corporal Ingram

Hey Everyone!

This is my new and improved personal blog. I made it through Recruit Training, finished MOS school, spent some time with my reserve unit in Ft. Worth, Texas, and now I’m getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan.

My Purpose for this Blog

At first, the intent of this blog was to keep my family and friends abreast concerning my training and progress in boot camp. Now that that’s over there will be a transition (although not completley) away from updating about my life to helps and encouragements to all my family and friends.  I want to encourage everyone to live a healthy and happy life. Even though I’ve put a little weight back on since I’ve returned to Arlington I still try to stay active and eat right. It’s actually very fulfilling for me when I consisiently work out and eat a nutritionally sound diet.

My Goals

  1. To be an encouragement to anyone in any way possible.
  2. Keep people as informed as I am allowed while on deployment in Afghanistan.
  3. Update family and friends on my progress in the United States Marine Corps

I hope that this can be a place for you to turn to for some help and encouragement.


LCpl Ingram – Semper Fidelis